Yo! It's about that time we had another fan project! After the overwhelming success of our "Thanks to: After School" Message Book , we decided to give it another go! As always, our goal is to give the members something they can look back on and something that shows them they have fans from all over the world. Our admin (Cindy) will be in Seoul during the Summer and deliver it to the Pledis building! We want to thank you everyone who participated in the last project, and we hope that just as many of you will take part in this one!

- playgirlzworld staff -

        After School isn't back yet. There aren't even rumors about their comeback. But if you've been following playgirlz&boyz on twitter or facebook, then you probably know that even though After School isn't active, we are. International fans can't do chants at concerts, show up at fanmeetings, or hold up signs at airports. But we've always been there. And we will be. Through the good, the bad, the graduations, everything. That's our theme :)

        After School's 3rd single, "Bang!" came out with a song titled, "With U" (link). There is a line that reads With You, Right Here in the chorus. The song is basically letting someone know you're waiting for them and that even as time passes, and things change, you'll be there.

THEME: With You, Right Here. (or Right Here With You)

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: We will be making an After School 2014 Yearbook, framing the memories of After School and their fans. Our yearbook has a twist! Unlike any other yearbook, ours will have a special page that includes... -drumroll- ... a song! We will explain it in detail below, but basically, it is like a musical greeting card. After School will turn our special page, and our song will start playing! Don't know what song we're talking about? Keep reading!

(subject to change/be edited)
if you're wondering why it says "right here with you" instead of the original lyrics "with you right here", i messed up :P

The number of yearbooks that we will be able to make for After School (either one or 8) will depend on our donations we receive. Hopefully, we will be able to give each member their own yearbook, but if not, one big one will do just fine! :)

  • Designed by: Cindy (check out our design process on twitter)
  • Print Style: Colored, Printed and Binded, 20 pages (front and back = 40) (goal)

  • Now, onto the "possible" yearbook contents! (in no particular order)

    Table of Contents
    AS Class Superlatives: ex: Class Clown, Best Smile, etc (voted on)
    AS Baby Photos w/ Quotes
    AS Photo Timeline
    Basic AS History/Awards
    Favorite AS Photos chosen by fans
    Favorite AS Moments chosen by fans
    "What is After School to You?"
    "What is your favorite thing about ___" we'll have a couple pages w/ fun Qs!
    Teams! instead of sports teams, we'll put OC, Old Caramel, Trollgroup,etc
    Fan photos & Fan art
    Fanclubs! if we get enough photos of meetups! (group of fans together)
    "Special Song" Page
    Thanks To Page
    Member Profiles

    As you can see, it's a pretty heavy project with many, many cool and interesting pages (maybe more to come!). THIS WILL ALSO BE AVAILABLE TO FANS! (we aim to make the ultimate fan memorabilia for both the girls and playgirlz&boyz!)

            Here's where it gets interesting. If any of you guys are 2PM fans, they have a song titled, "Thank You". Fans of 2pm rewrote the song and the whole stadium sang it for them at their solo concert (link). Now, as mentioned earlier, international fans don't have that luxury. But, that won't be able to stop us!

            We have rewritten the first verse, the hook, and chorus of "With U" to match our support for After School! The next step is to have international playgirlz&boyz sing along to our version (in Korean)! It's actually very easy. We provide the lyrics, and a model track for you to sing along with. All you have to do is record your voice singing along to our track and send it to us! Then, we will mix all of our voices together into one big chorus along with the instrumental.

    This will be the song that plays on our "special page". It doesn't matter if your Korean pronunciation is terrible, if you can't sing, or if your voice breaks windows! It's all about the passion ^_^ and it'll be all of us together. It's the ultimate personal gift from international fans to AS!

    Check back often because there will be new pages/ways to participate!

  • Vote for Superlatives (here)
  • Submit an "AS Favorite Moment" (here)
  • Send in your favorite After School photo! (here)
  • Answer Our Unique Fan Questions! (here)
  • Record & Send us Your Voice Clip (here)
  • Submit Your Favorite Photo! (here)
  • Take a photo with our sign! (here)
  • Send in your Fanart or Fan Photos (here)
  • Volunteer to help!(here)


  • Say "Thank You" to After School or to a member! (here)

  • Thank you to our volunteers:
  • Vee - fan art
  • Camzy - fan art
  • Khun Cheay - fan art
  • Jiyeon - song lyrics

  • remember: the more you participate, the greater chance you'll be in the book! each submission will appear in the book with your name, age, and country! and at the end, we will have a map of the world along with every fan that submitted something under their country name!

            After School has many, many amazingly dedicated fanbases around the world and we'd love to work with each of them! There is a special section in our Thanks To page for fanbases! Here are a list of the awesome ones participating in our project!


  • After School Daze
  • After School Bang! Mexico
  • AS Cambodia
  • After School Peru
  • After School Brazil
  • After School Philippines
  • Sign up now!

  • Fanbases who donate $50 or more will have their name on the back cover of the book along with PGW! but please note: donations are not a requirement for a fanbase to participate, we want to have a lot of countries represented!

    If your fanclub or fansite would like to join our project, read THIS PAGE (click here) send us an email at pgwcontact@gmail.com or shoot us a tweet via @playgirlzworld and we'll send you the details and add you to the list!

            One of the ways you can participate in our project is to help with donations! Every donator gets their name in our "Thanks To" page in the yearbook along with their country and age :) We were very lucky last time to raise $400 from fanclubs and fans all around the world!

            Donations will go toward printing/binding, materials, any laminating, misc project costs, and depending on the weight, carrying costs.

    To Donate Through: Paypal or Postal Mail
         - please send an email to pgwcontact@gmail.com with your name, country, amount of donation, age, and we will send you the paypal address or mailing address! (if you are a fanclub, please include your fanclub name and country)


  • Dianna, USA
  • Thuy, Vietnam
  • :D

  •         What's a fan project without some goodies? If you guys were on twitter for the last project, PlayGirlzWorld gave out free After School History Cards in mini giveaways! This time, we're prepared with really cool and great looking gifts for you guys!

            If you haven't already, follow us on twitter @playgirlzworld to be updated!

    Donations Deadline: May 30th
    Yearbook Superlatives Voting Deadline: May 15th
    Submissions for Fan-Art & Fan Photos Deadline: May 15th
    Favorite Fan Moments Deadline: May 15th
    Song Recordings Submission Deadling: May 30th
    "Questions" Deadline: May 15th

    The project will be delivered directly to Pledis Entertainment by Cindy (PGW Admin) during the last week of June. (if you're in Seoul, & would like to tag along, email us!)

    If you have any questions or comments, email us at pgwcontact@gmail.com!

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